Aloha Gene

Aloha Gene
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UTAH Stories Article-Hawaiian Canoe Club: Aloha from the Great Salt Lake

UTAH Stories Article-Hawaiian Canoe Club: Aloha from the Great Salt Lake
click on image to view entire UTAH STORIES article

Salt Lake Magazine Article-August 2014

Salt Lake Magazine Article-August 2014
Hui Paoakalani was featured in an article about the GSL in Salt Lake Magazine-August 2014 issue.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paddle on Monday!

Pau Hana Paddle......come when you can. Hui Meeting to follow. See you Monday!!
A Hui Hou!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please Submit Your Water Fest Registration ASAP.
As of today, we have approximately 70 paddlers registered for the Water Fest. Once again, if you plan to paddle-please submit your form ASAP. Forms can be downloaded by clicking on the link to the left....look under the "FORMS" section. While most of you are current on your Hui dues, there are still some that are not. If you are NOT CURRENT please also submit the $10.00 fee with your registration form. If you plan on paying the day of the event-please send in your form and an email to Tammy at so we can make a note in our records. If you are having financial problems and really want to paddle...please call Darren at 801.243.7473 to work something out. Again, Mahalo for your support in this EXCITING EVENT!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Saturday Paddle. April 25, 2009. 10 am...dress for the weather. Go Paddle!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Help Needed Friday April 24th

Aloha Hui Members!

Help is needed this Friday "pau hana time" (after work). We will be setting up quilts for the Hawaiian Quilt Show which will be held at the Hawaiian Cultural Center on Saturday. Click on the link to view the flyer.

See you Friday!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Center Clean-up and General Hui Meeting

In preparation for hosting Out-of-Town Paddlers at the Hawaiian Cultural Center, we will be having a Center Clean-up Day on Wednesday April 22nd - starting at 6:30 pm. Immediately AFTER the clean up we will be having a GENERAL HUI MEETING to discuss the upcoming Water Fest. Please come! Your support is appreciated!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Paddle Tuesday April 21, 2009

Aloha Everyone!
We had a great turn out at our "pau hana" paddle on Monday! We welcome all the NEW paddlers who have been joining is so great to see Hui Paoakalani growing. Our Hui Coaches are working on a summer schedule and we will post it once it is finalized. For right now...continue to check the blog and your e-mail to find out if we are paddling. Since the weather will be nice on Tuesday, the Hui plans another paddle after work at 5 pm.
**We also wanted to bring to your attention a few "HOUSE -KEEPING" items:
1) Please pay the $2.00 entry fee as you come in. Hui members have established a GREAT relationship with Great Salt Lake Rangers Dave, Eric, and Bob and we want to keep our relationship GOOD. The Rangers have informed us that they are "cracking down" on payment of the entry fees, so please pay if you don't have the BLUE GSL sticker. All Hui Members who are CURRENT on Hui dues are entitled to a parking pass and are exempt from paying the $2.00 entry fee. If you still have the RED GSL sticker from last year and are CURRENT on your dues, see Tammy or Darren for a BLUE sticker, otherwise you should be paying the $2.00 fee)
2) If you are planning on paddling in the Water Fest on May 2nd and have NOT already filled out your registration form and paid the $10.00 fee... Please do so BY April 25,2009. Boy Chun Fook would like to start organizing the teams for the races. Checks should be made out to: KLMF - Ka Lama Mohala Foundation. (All Hui Members who are CURRENT on their dues, or those who have recently paid $10.00 for the 30 day trial membership are EXEMPT from paying the Water Fest entry fee.) Remember, this $10.00 fee includes your USACK insurance for 30 days, and will be credited towards your first months payment when you decide to become a member.
3) We will be placing a JAR in the "SHACK" to COLLECT DONATIONS that will be used to defray the cost of paper products, trash bags and help pay for some food items. Since we usually "pot luck" after our paddles, feel free to bring something to share. OR if you don't feel like can always make a donation to the jar. Give what you can, any amount will be appreciated.
4) We are still looking for Donations for our Raffle at the Water Fest. Any type of Donation would be certificates, gift baskets, t-shirts, any type of merchandise. Contact Darren at if you have questions about donating to the Raffle.
5) Pictures from the Saturday paddle have been uploaded. Click on the Hui Pictures link to view.
AGAIN, MAHALO for ALL YOUR SUPPORT!! It looks like 2009 will bring us a GREAT PADDLING SEASON!! Keep spreading the word on the Water Fest. Again the date is May 2, 2009 at the GSL Marina.
A Hui Hou!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday Paddle April 20, 2009

We had a WONDERFUL day of paddling on the Great Salt Lake this past Saturday. GREAT FRIENDS, GREAT FOOD AND GREAT WEATHER! Mahalo to EVERYONE for showing up and supporting our Hui! Mahalo to Kumu Butch for leading the Paddling Clinic and instructing our new paddlers on paddling technique, safety, and protocol. Also, Mahalo to Gene, Tyler, and Kwan Ki for their instruction and guidance to less experienced paddlers, and to Aunty Angie and Aunty Pat for making sure we are well fed!
We are planning another paddle tomorrow-Monday April 20th at 5pm. We invite each one of you to join us!!
I Ku Mau Mau!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Hui Meeting Wednesday-Paddle on Friday

No Hui Meeting Wednesday, April 15, 2009. However, We WILL be paddling this Friday after work at 5 pm. **Don't Forget...the Paddle and Safety Clinic is this Saturday 10 am to noon.
Mahalo to EVERYONE for your hard work and support of the Hui and the Hui's upcoming activities/events!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Monday Paddle April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Since the Easter Bunny is bringing us good weather.... we are planning another paddle session after work this Monday at 5 pm. As mentioned before...feel free to invite anyone you know who may be interested in paddling in the Water Fest. sure to bring your parking tag with the BLUE GSL sticker, or be prepared to pay $2.00 for parking.

Don't forget...the Paddling and Safety Clinic will be held this Saturday from 10 am to noon. This clinic will expose new paddlers to our sport as they will learn the basics of OC6 paddling. And since Safety is a top priority, this clinic is a good reminder for all of us as we begin our paddling season. Forms will be available on the blog on Monday. Cost is $10.00 and it includes USACK insurance for 30 days. All Hui members who are current on their Hui/Insurance dues are exempt from this fee. ** Please note that AFTER the Saturday clinic, the $10.00 per day rate will be enforced for all NEW paddlers. (This was previously discussed in a Hui Board Meeting).

Kumu Kaleo requests help from those of you who will be going "Home" soon. She needs help transporting small items back to Utah from Hawaii. These items are for Center presentations and activities. If you can help...please contact her at

Mahalo to each one of you for your support! Your enthusiasm and excitement with regards to the upcoming Water Fest is appreciated! Keep spreading the word...It is sure to be a memorable event!! Enjoy the day with your 'Ohana and we'll see you at the lake on Monday!

'Eono kino, ho'okahi mana'o, ho'okahi 'uhane.....6 bodies, one mind, one spirit.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Paddle

Aloha Hui & Friends;
We had a great paddle on Monday - after work - and are planning to paddle again Tuesday evening at 5 PM. The two Na Wa'a are on the beach ready togo for another training session on Tuesday. There will definitely be at least our core paddlers out at the GSL Marina because we will need to takethe canoes out of the water before the next storm rolls in on Wednesday. Again, we are inviting anyone interested in participating in the May 2ndwaterfest to our practices and meetings prior to the Duke Paoa KahanamokuGreat Salt Lake Water Fest. There are only 4 weeks left till the event and we want to take advantage of the nice weather forecasted for Tuesday.
We are still hoping to paddle this weekend pending good weather. Saturday's weather forecast shows a 40%chance of rain / snow, but we will be ready if the weather improves.
Also, don't forget the Hui General meeting on Wednesday @ 6:30PM to discussthe waterfest.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Paddle

Aloha Hui;
If you were like me this past weekend and became a "frustrated paddler" because the sun didn't come out till after the LDS General Conferece was over, we are planning to remedy that tomorrow with a week day after work paddle. We will paddle tomorrow (Monday) after work around 5 PM at the GSL Marina.We have at least 10 paddlers committed for tomorrow. You may invite anyone interested in participating in the May 2nd waterfest.There are only 4 weeks left till the event and we want to take advantageof the nice weather forecasted for the next 2 days. We also hope to paddle this weekend pending good weather. Saturday's weather forecast shows a 40%chance of rain / snow, but we are hopeful that the odds will improve. Don't forget to bring your parking pass or you may need to pay $2 at the entrance for use of the marina. Also, don't forget the Hui General meeting on Wednesday @ 6:30PM to discussthe waterfest. If you have any questions, call me at 801-721-7026.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Paddling and Safety Clinic

Aloha Everyone!
In preparation for our May 2nd Waterfest we are planning on having a Paddle and Safety Clinic to be held April 18th from 10 am to noon at the GSL Marina. You may be wondering WHY?

First, To Expose New Paddlers to our sport and to hopefully gain their support as Hui members.
Second, We are seeking more participants in the Waterfest from our Utah Community.
Third, Create awareness of the Hawaiian Cultural Center and all the activities offered.
Lastly, Safety is our top priority and this is a good reminder for all of us as we begin our paddling season.

We will be circulating a flyer to advertise this Clinic soon. The clinic will cost $10.00 and will include insurance for 30 days from the date of the clinic. This fee will also allow clinic participants to paddle in the Waterfest.

All Hui Members who are Current on their Hui Membership/Insurance fees are EXEMPT from this fee. We know this is something that was not brought up at our Hui Board Meeting, it is something we just recently thought of as a way to generate more participants and exposure for our upcoming paddle.

Please convey your thoughts and comments to by Monday, April 6th.
Please remember the May 2nd Water Fest is meant to be 100% demonstrational. But we would like as many participants as possible.

If the Media is there, we would like them to see lots of participation from people of all ages. We are thinking of the "bigger picture"...not just the Hui but trying to Save the Hawaiian Cultural Center too.

Darren and Ben

Saturday Paddling

We WILL plan on paddling tomorrow-Saturday, April 4th. 10 am. See you tomorrow.

*REMINDER...If you have not already done so...please PAY your Hui Membership and Insurance fees. DEADLINE is May 1st. If you are having financial problems please contact Hui Manager-Darren at to work something out. We need everyones support in this matter, it is only fair to those who have already paid. Mahalo!